It’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Facts & Tips

According to National Safety Council (NSC) driving has become more dangerous in the last two years. Motor vehicle accidents are up 9% from 2020 and 18% from 2019. Car accidents where drivers collided with other vehicles or fixed objects were the two most common types of accidents. Distracted driving has played an unfortunate role in this rise in accidents.

What are the most common distractions when driving?

Using your cell phone

National Safety Council states roughly 26% of car accidents involve cell phone use.

How to be a safer driver

Assess how you use a cell phone when you are in a vehicle. It is not against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving. However, it is imperative to pay attention to your driving behavior when you are talking on a cell phone.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you put yourself or others at risk while using a cell phone:

  1. Are you able to concentrate not only on the road but on other drivers or pedestrians while talking on the phone?
  2. Are you holding a phone when you drive? If you are going to use a cell phone, it is best to be hands-free.
  3. Do you ever text and drive? How can you avoid doing this when driving?
  4. If you have children or teenagers, are you setting a good or bad example of using a cell phone while driving?
  5. Are you using your cell phone for GPS directions? Where is your phone located when you are using GPS? Do you have a holding device for your cell phone so you can easily see directions & the road?
  6. Are you using your cell phone to play music? Can you control your music settings through your car? Are you changing songs while driving or do you already have a playlist formed before you hit the road?

Consider answering all these questions to determine how safe of a driver you are on the road. Any of the following scenarios can put you at risk. Look to find ways to avoid them at all costs to help prevent an accident.

Other common distractions:

  • Talking to passengers
  • Grooming
  • Dazing off
  • Trying to control children or pets in the back seat
  • Eating or drinking

It’s important to evaluate your driving and determine if you catch yourself driving distracted. If you are a safe driver, we can help you find affordable car insurance; carriers that reward safe drivers with better rates. Call our agency for multiple car insurance quotes. We represent the top auto insurance carriers and can help you find custom coverage that suits your needs. We will also shop for all discounts that can apply to you.

You may even want to consider participating in a telematics program, which offers a car insurance discount, but also evaluates your driving habits. Contact us for more information.